Assorted Bandannas - 15 Bandanas - Assorted Colors Bandana Scarf by Funny Party Hats



Product type: Apparel

Vendor: Funny Party Hats


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  • For an everyday sporty look, this amazing bulk pack of assorted bandanas is a perfect option.
  • Features 15 assorted styles and colors, these comfortable bandanas are versatile and easy to wear as headbands, headwraps, or any other creative way.
  • Great for children, adults, and teens, this bandana pack will cater to you and your friends and family members with its high-quality throughout, but variety of options to choose from.
  • Find your favorite sporty look with this bandana accessory, and feel comfort and ease as you go about your daily activities.
  • These hair accessories are perfect choices for casual wear, western themed events, costume, or everyday easy fashion.

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